25/03 Public Talk

‘Reduction or Reform: Conflict and Opportunity for a modern society’

The dialogs between the fields of ecology, politics, economics, and consumption continue for over decades with their actuality constantly growing. The pace of these dialogs in the context of art and culture is nevertheless quite inert. DeLight is aiming to provoke this dialogue.

Discussing ecological issues today primarily means to talk about (un)sustainability. On one hand there is the possibility of reduction of production and consumption (of fossil fuel, meat, plastic and basically all the inorganical products which can’t be integrated in an ecological circle). On the other hand today’s technological develop- ment strives for consistent consumption without any sacrifice but with less negative consequences for the environment (ecological substitutes: e-cars, LED light bulbs, organic food etc.)


Diana Ø. Tørsløv Møller. Psychologist, Lecturer and Performer working in interdisciplinary projects in Berlin and Copenhagen. Adjunct Lecturer in The Danish Music Conservatory from 2017. Project: «At the Limits of Perception and Cognition» in University of the Arts in Berlin.

Jacob Eriksen Jacob Eriksen is making sound art, conceptual art, experimental music and academic and artistic research in the crossover between order and chaos, synthesis and organism, philosophy and aesthetics, and on the threshold of various forms of perceptions. Currently teaching at Berlin University of the Arts and Humboldt University of Berlin.

Benjamin Graf Seedbomb City founder. Passionate Guerilla Gardener who would like to produce all products in pure handcraft. Light, Energy: Alexander Woitas Principal Consultant in Lumenaza. His responsibilities are sales, project development and project management.

Viviane Raddatz WWF Specialist Viviane is a specialist for all questions concerning energy and transport. She has been with WWF-Klimateam for the last 8 years, she is currently responsible for WWF Germany’s work on coal, as well as for the joint work with @ LichtBlick_de to accelerate the energy transition.s.

Matthias Tang Press officer in the Senate Administration for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection. Previously worked as : Editor in LIFT-Stuttgart, Press Offices for Press Officer of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen parliamentary group in Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus Deputy Press Officer of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, Bundestag’s party.

Dr. Sacha Kagan Research Associate His  main research and action area is the transdisciplinary field of “arts and (un-)sustainability”. Some of his other areas of work and interest include the sociology of arts and culture, cultural economics, dance studies, documentary film, sustainability and sustainable development.

Sarah Maske Moderator independent curator and is a member of the board of Grüner Kultur e.V., an interactive association concerning Permaculture and sustainable lifestyle. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Potsdam, where she researches on “Staying in the Anthropocene or going beyond? The understanding of the world and its formation through process-oriented ecological art” and is a scholar at Brandenburg Center for Media Studies.






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