Interview with Jiří Suchánek

Where do you get your inspiration?

Crosstalks and missunderstandings. Visual or sonic. When I don’t hear/see something well, mind fills the missing part in some unexpected ways and they are sometimes very inspiring… But basically creative work itself brings new inspiration – its like climbing. When you reach some kind of state, your view and situation changes, you see new challenges, possibilities and solutions. Usually the most difficult and also important part is to start, than it is mostly easy and joyful.
And important for my inspiration are also walks in deep forests. It helps to recharge and clear the ideas and directions.

A lot of your works are connected with nature. Do you hope to change the current attitude to the nature and Earth problems via your art? Which emotions do you want to awake?

I don’t have such ambition to save the world etc. But I believe that even small personal changes are very important. The “soft power” is not actually insignificant – it’s more important than we can admit.
My approach is to look at the technology as a part of natural processes and vice-versa. But the big difference between natural and human technologies is in our control and responsibility of our behavior and technologies. I often place my installation in nature for many reasons. I am searching for unexpected situations for accident visitors of my art. I wanted to be independent on gallery structures. The symbolic meaning and genius loci of some places are nontransferable into the gallery. I am always doing hybrid mixes…

Can you briefly describe your installation to Delight Festival?

Red laser line is used here as a symbol. In diplomatic language red line is very well known term for situation, when step back is not possible any more. I think people are rightly afraid of this moment now. Some influential people are still stretching and testing the border of the red line. The tension is clearly sensible. That is what I reflect in the installation. Formally it is laser beam projected into the water surface vibrated by bass speaker – the cymatic effect. The sound is algorithmically composed for this system. The sound is occasionally mixed with randomly selected fragments of speeches of some world leaders….

You did the same installation in Moscow and you said that you get
very specific reaction which you really liked. What do you expect from Berlin?

I have no expectation. I hope people will understand it not just as a light effect and that it hopefully opens some kind of discussion.
In your installations you use art along the science. Do you feel the gap between them or are they united to you ?
Of course the aims of both activities are distinct and of course there is a big difference in amount of freedom what you can do as an artist or scientist. But in work process there are so many similarities – solving problems, creating solutions, finding new ways, self-reflection, discoveries!!! This is very common. And in technology oriented art the gap is even smaller and blurred. Fortunately artist can in some moment throw away the rules and work subjectively, intuitively and don’t care about the fitting in a concept any more.

by Ekaterina Zykova and Maria Trunateva

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