23/03 Live-shows in Spektrum

Mélodie Melak Fenez’ experimental electronic music project, 'a.mélodie', centers on the awareness…

25/03 Earth hour

During the Earth hour an artistic performance, the '0 Watt Show', will…

25/03 Public Talk

'Reduction or Reform: Conflict and Opportunity for a modern society' The dialogs…

25/03 Sustainable Party

Directly after Earth hour, the club Ritter Butzke invites the visitors of…

25–27/03 Exhibition

Light is going to be the main instrument of expression that the…

26/03 Film Screening/Workshops

15:30h Lemonaid & ChariTea will discuss their sustainable business model. 16:00h Fairment…

About deLight

The deLight project is an environmentally-oriented light-art festival promoting sustainable lifestyles through contemporary art: we are establishing a new form of communication between eco-institutes, eco-initiatives, and audiences.

Every year, the WWF movement called Earth Hour brings communities from all around the globe together.

In 2017, deLight project joins this worldwide action and provides all those interested in environmental problems with a chance to participate in it through our perspective. DeLight not only will disconnect from the electric network, but will generate electricity for a sustainable sound and light performance, adding a new dimension to Earth Hour and bringing the ‘switch-off concept’ to a whole new level.

The 'deLight' program is:

  • During Earth Hour: fully sustainable '0 Watt Show' without any actual power supply.
  • A light-art installations using low-energy technologies, by multidisciplinary artists from Germany, France, Netherland, Czech Republic, Japan and Ukraine.
  • The premiere of the audio-visual performance of Juři Suchanek 'Atom Tone' will take place in Spektrum, Berlin.
  • Mélodie Melak's live performance, that is based on the responses from vegetal to their direct surroundings, in Spektrum, Berlin
  • Public talk with by internationally known discussion participants, who already have achievements in the field of sustainability and ecology.
  • A Film screening on the subject of ecology in unexpected contexts


Cities in Germany

Earth Hour 2017

On the 25th of March, 2017, the symbolic switching off of the lighting between 20:30 and 21:30 local time will draw attention to the unnecessary lighting, energy consumption, and saving potential. During the initiative, people switch off their lights for one hour thus demonstrating their commitment to fighting climate change and raising awareness of environmental issues. Major cities of the world also contribute by de-energizing their landmarks including The Sydney Opera House, The Brandenburg Gates, and many others.  By going dark, local government, cities, companies, landmarks, and individuals send the message that we will remain steadfast as we deliver on the goals of the . Paris Climate Agreement.

You will find «deLight» and the description on the official website by «tracker»:


The deLight project aims to draw attention to the world protection even outside Earth Hour. Real changes and a long lasting impact on the environment can be only achieved with a continuous presence and passion. Therefore, we put up collecting boxes for energy saving lamps by Lightcycle, where visitors can dispose their used light-bulbs. After that, they will be properly recycled.

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